On Tuesday, April 6, 2004, Caren and I had come home from work and gone to the drug store. On the way home, at about 5:30 PM CDT, our cells rang with the news that Erin's water had broken at work and she and Kirk were on the way to the hospital to "have the baby".

Caren and I went home, packed bags, alerted the family and were on our way to California by 7:30 PM. With a quick plane change in Vegas, we were at Burbank by 10 PM PDT and at the hospital by 11 PM. We managed to arrive before the baby which was our wish. The other satisfaction was that Kirk and Erin did not expect us and it was fun to surprise them. Note the keys in Caren's hands in the pictures below.


We all were ready for the baby to come. Projections were between 1 and 3 AM, so Kirk was able to get some rest while we talked with Erin. She looked so happy and ready to be the proud Mom.


Well, 3 AM came and went. The new projection was 6 AM. The next projection was "about 10 AM". Well Erin, hang on a little longer and another future grandparent will be here. Sure enough, Kirk's mother, Kathy, made it before the blessed event. But the wear and tear was taking its toll.



About 2 PM, a very supportive Delivery Nurse named Valerie declared that Erin was dilating again and was ready to head to the the conclusion of this ordeal. So she kicked us grandparents-to-be out and she, Erin and Kirk went to work. We did the appropriate amount of worrying. Maybe we even went over the edge a bit. Cell phones were not allowed in the hospital, so Caren and I took turns going outside to report back to Houston that, "No news is good news." while Kathy kept Alabama alerted. At 4:15 PM Valerie came out and called for the doctor and told us we were going to have this baby in the next 15 minutes.

We heard the first loud cries at 4:35 PM but Erin & Kirk told us that the baby just laid there for about 5 minutes before announcing her displeasure at being disturbed. Against the rules but with Valerie's encouragement, about 5 PM Kirk brought the baby out and announced that Jennifer Bethany Powell was here, a mere 18 hours after we had arrived at the hospital.


A few minutes later we got to see Erin and Kirk with Beth and all those hours just slipped from our memories.

So that's the story. Oh, you want to see Beth? Well, just follow the link below.

Beth Powell
Updated April 11, 2004